Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Agenda for jQuery Conference Asia 2012

The speakers and agenda for the conference is as follows:

Speaker Agenda
Richard D. Worth
(jQuery Executive Director)
The State of jQuery
jQuery has grown over nearly 7 years to become the most widely used JavaScript library ever. What is planned for jQuery 2.0, and related projects jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, QUnit, and TestSwarm. We will also discuss the jQuery Foundation, which supports the development of these and the community around them.
Ralph Whitbeck
(jQuery Board Member)
In-depth look at the mechanics of mobile app framework
According to the jQuery Mobile team, South Korea is the most popular country for jQuery Mobile development in the world. This session will take an in-depth look at the mechanics of this excellent mobile app framework as well as cover widget creation, plugin integration, and custom theming. And that's not all. 
Kris Borchers
(Red Hat Senior Software Engineer)
The New Hotness in jQuery UI
The jQuery UI team has been working really hard lately to not only update the website, add an API site, and fix bugs and further stabilize the library, but to also add a number of new, and highly requested widgets. In this talk, we will take a brief look at the status of the jQuery UI project and its planned roadmap going forward. From there, we'll dive a little deeper into the new widgets that were introduced in 1.9, then we'll take a quick look at what's coming in 1.10, 1.11 and 2.0 and hopefully give you a clear picture of where the project is headed and how you could possibly jump in and help us out.
Corey Frang
(Active jQuery contributor)
jQuery Animation
Animation is not a simple thing. We will learn to avoid some common problems people face when trying to animate, learn how to best use and extend jQuery's animation capabilities, and explore the new animation options in jQuery 1.8 and UI 1.9.
Julian Aubourg
(jQuery Core Team Member)
Ask Julian About XHRAbstract: Think
Think you know everything about $.ajax()? Think again! Prefilters, transports, converters: there are so many ways you can hook into jQuery's network architecture and make your life that much easier. Illformed JSON you have no way to fix on the backend? Solved! Need to load a stylesheet and wait for it to be loaded? Solved! Need to parse error messages automagically? Solved! If you're using $.ajax() on a daily basis, then that's a session you don't wanna miss.
Dan Heberden
(jQuery Foundation Director of Technology)
Getting In Sync With Async
Asynchronous code is hard. Especially when it needs to happen synchronously. We'll cover a great solution to this problem using jQuery's Deferreds and Callbacks API. We'll also take a look at how flow control and asynchronous operations can be easily managed and utilized to their fullest potential.
Chang Wook Do
(DaVinci Development Team)
Data Binding with DaVinci Studio
(Case Study : Data-driven model and Knockout.JS)
Data Binding is technology and a concept that closely connects data and UI. We'll take a look at a case study using Knockout.JS to develop a data-driven model web client. We will go over the value of data-driven mode within web apps in the hopes to deepen understanding for integrating various open sources. 
Yun Ho Choi
(DaVinci Development Team)
How to Use a HTML5 Dev Tool (DaVinci Studio)
The main goal for HTML5 tools is to develop optimized web app UX. This lecture covers what devs are looking for in tools and will also cover the webkit browser that works as the editing engine. We'll go over problems that may occur during development and how to solve them. 
Won Seok Lee
(DaVinci Development Team)
HTML5 and a New Era
We have entered a "mobile era" in which standard technologies have opened doors to an open web platform -- a new generation platform that provides freedom with app compatibility. In this session, we will look at HTML5 industry trends, W3C standardization (including Web OS and app stores), and what this new era has to bring. 

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