Friday, December 21, 2012

DaVinci 2.0 to be released February 2013!

Exciting news, especially for Mac users! A better and more convenient DaVinci Version 2.0 to be released early 2013.

Major changes include:

1.     Eclipse IDE will be taken out so all you need to do is install DaVinci and be ready to go.

2.     Mac OS X support we know a lot of you Mac users have been waiting for this. More devs and more designers will now have easy access to do this great tool.

3.     Version 2.0 will be even easier to use as it will be completely based on the jQuery framework. That means no more going through the DaVinci framework to use jQuery functions use 100% jQuery tags and codes. But DaVinci will still offer all the additional functions you need that are not originally included in the jQuery framework. All functions will be added and found within the framework for a perfect package.

If you have any requests, suggestions, or comments, you can comment on our blog or interact with other DaVinci users on our forum at:

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