Thursday, November 21, 2013

HTML5 Browser Support

HTML5 is slowly and surely making it's way out there, despite getting a bad rap a few years ago.

More and more browsers, not just chrome, are supporting HTML5 web apps, graphics, audio/video and more.

Here's a chart for web apps:

Here's one for graphics and embedded content:

You can find more of these charts showing HTML5 and CSS3 support per browser at

By the way, would  you like to test your own browser to see how well it supports HTML5?

Check out

As soon as you access the page, it will score your browser in regards to how well it supports HTML5. Very cool!

The results for the browser I am using right now was a good 503 of 555.
You can see a portion of the scoring in the pic below. Go head and try it out yourself.

There are a lot of other tools out there to help you check browser support like Modernizr. The software runs when a page is loaded to detect HTML5/CSS3 features, then creates a JavaScript  object showing the results of the test.

You can also check out for a complete list of HTML5 tags.

There are tons of really useful resources on the web to aid HTML5 development....and for free, too.

If you haven't started with HTML5 yet, now would be a great time. Don't miss out on the boom that is creeping up!

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