Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DaVinci Animator 1.0 Officially Released!

Exciting news for web designers! DaVinci Animator's full version is now available to the public. You can find a copy of our press release below.

You can download the free (and paid) version of Animator or as well as DaVinci Studio for developers at our homepage:

Rocking the HTML5 World: DaVinci Lab ‘DaVinci Animator’ 1.0 Release
Seoul (I-Newswire) July 3, 2013 - ‘DaVinci Animator’, a HTML5 based rich media content development tool, is making a lot of noise with its initial 1.0 version release, especially as the tool has emerged at a time when Apple iOS and Google Android has announced that they will no longer support Flash.
Software company “DaVinci Lab” specializing in HTML5 authoring tools (CEO Jaewon Lee) announced on June 26th that DaVinci Animator 1.0 is now officially available to the public. DaVinci Animator is an authoring tool that allows web designers to create interactive animation purely with standard web technology HTML5. It offers ready-made presets and an action editor with which HTML5 content may be created without a single line of coding. Such features packed in the tool’s easy to use structure are said to increase development productivity.
The Preset Editor consists of four categories, “Style” and “Typography,” which handles the way objects look, as well as “Effect” and “Motion,” which controls animation. Presets simplify complicated animation development work and cut development time, allowing experts as well as first time developers to use the tool with ease. With the Action Editor, developers may combine and process already defined actions, then connect them to existing events without JavaScript code work. Developers can also save scripts they write into the module and reuse them over and over again.
DaVinci Animator’s editor also works on a timeline, which most designers are familiar with, and offers a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) setup, allowing property and layout editing to be processed instantly through drag and drop.

Resulting works created by the DaVinci Animator is completely compatible with websites that use jQuery, Prototype, Ext.js, and other JavaScript frameworks and may be viewed on any HTML5 browser, whether PC, smartphone, or tablet PC.

DaVinci Lab Senior General Manager Jong Pil Cheong said, “DaVinci Animator has bee developed purely through Korean technology. It is available through an online download as well as an offline packaged version. A free and paid download is offered on our homepage at” He also added, “We are currently looking for distributors that will handle offline package distribution, partners that will handle HTML5 training using DaVinci, and SI partners for DaVinci business system integration.”

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