Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Have you noticed?

DaVinci's site has undergone yet another renewal!

Lots of more materials and information so you can get to know DaVinci.

Check out the App Gallery and Animator Gallery to see actual products made with the tool. You can even see how ads made with DaVinci Animator actually work by clicking on them. (Requires Chrome)

Click here to see the Animator Gallery.

For example, click on the "Ray" ad, then click on the screen one more time when the animation plays. You will be taken to a screen in which you can rotate the car 360 degrees with your mouse! Just click and drag.

Smooth animation, interactive features, and all in HTML5.

Moreover, DaVinci Studio and Animator manuals have been completely renewed to match the upgraded version. (Check out "Installation Guide" link on the "Download" page)

DaVinci training seminars are currently in the works and we will let you know when dates have been set.

Have a nice day~

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