Friday, October 18, 2013

Cross Platform Tools

In a report recently released by Research2Guidance on cross platform tools, we see that more developers opt to use tools and are quite satisfied with them.

Here is a quote for the report,

"Overall, CP Tools are rated well by developers. A high rating has been indicated for platform coverage (83%) availability of pre-installed apps (57%), API cloud service (52%), access to device hardware features (64%) and support (63%). The overall cost-performance of CP Tools is rated by 85% of the users as high or very high."

However, it does point out that many developers are still not quite aware of many tools available out there. As overall user ratings are quite high, it is easy to say that developers should serious consider investing in a cross platform tool to increase efficiency and especially platform coverage.

Another subject that the report makes note of is that many of the tools out there concentrate on support smartphones and tablets without giving attention to lingering needs for PCs as well as newer media such as TV-sets, games consoles, and in-car devices. Many of the tools had emerged when smartphone use started to rocket -- but we can't just stop there. TV and in-car HTML5 platforms will become a major app platform within the next few years and we must prepare for it now.

DaVinci is one of the first that do address these needs, allowing for easy development across a wide spectrum of devices.

As you can see, DaVinci offers the widest range of device optimization among oter web app toolkits, including Kendo UI.

Research2Guidance also showed how access to hardware features is important to app developers -- thus, we can conclude that the more their tool gives them access, the more satisfied they are.

DaVinci also scores high in this area with 10's in every platform that it supports. Take note that although Kendo UI covers more of the mobile OS, it lags quite a bit for both desktop and other devices.

DaVinci also shows high marks for accessibility to pre-installed apps on phones:

Although DaVinci is new to the market, it is definitely make a name of it's own. If you are looking into HTML5 or work with jQuery, DaVinci might be the solution you've been looking for.

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