Monday, October 21, 2013

Smart Cars on the go

You might recall Nokia's unveiling their connected car platform 'Here Auto' this past summer, in which an embedded infotainment and navigation system contains all the key features of its Windows Phone 8 app accessed through a PC browser.

But it's not only Nokia that is making ground in this field -- Obigo has also released their HTML5 car platform that boasts of a custom home screen, dynamic mash-up, more interactivity, and better responsiveness. It also has an engine, defroster, ventilation and temperature control system.

Other features of the automotive HMI include bluetooth & WiFi support for mobile connectivity, multimedia players (music/video), systems to obtain vehicle information (driving info, HVAC info), as well as internet radio, weather, and news applications. 

Here is an outline of the system's components:

By using HTML5 for the platform, a rich, dynamic UX can be created and cross-platform app development becomes a reality. The system will always be connected to cloud so users can update contents at any time -- no need to worry about an outdated GPS and maps as push updates will add in new info whenever and wherever you go.

DaVinci Lab just announced our partnership with Obigo in this exciting new field. Obigo will continue with working on it's platform and DaVinci will be providing the tools and technology needed to create applications for it. 

Certain Hyundai models have already been successfully mounted with the Obigo system and we can expect more and more to be released in the market from both western and eastern automobile manufacturers.

Perhaps we are on the road to the futuristic car Michael J Fox road in Back to the Future?


Maybe not quite yet, but something like this may not be too far away:

DaVinci is paving the way to the future -- not only for smartphones, but also for smart cars and beyond!

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