Tuesday, March 26, 2013

HTML5 setting new ground for web games

For the last few years, web game apps have gotten a bad rep for its heavy plugins, 2D graphics,  and lack of functions. HTML5 may be the obvious answer for business apps, but it still hasn't shown to be quite up to par for games...until now.

World Wide Maze is a Chrome Experiment that allows users to sync their smartphone and PC browsers, then use their mobile phone as a controller, moving a ball out of a 3D maze you see on your PC screen. In other words, you basically move the ball on the PC by tilting or tapping your phone.

Of course, there is still a bit of lag and the tilt sensitivity is not 100% yet, but it's a huge step for smartphone gaming and brings a Wii-like experience to users.

But the really big thing about this game is that it is PURELY based on HTML5, using the WebGL standard. It's graphics are pretty good for a web game -- and really shows users what kind of potential HTML5 has.

Although the game itself is quite simple and may only interest you for the first few minutes, my point is that it is a good display of web technology and is a sign of a new wave of HTML5 games that is to come.

Here is a video showing you what the game is like:

You can also try it out at http://www.chromeexperiments.com

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