Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Think HTML5 is overhyped?

Well then you are the minority.

In a global developer survey conducted early this year by Kendo UI,
only 24% of devs strongly agree that HTML5 is overhyped, compared to a whopping 78%  that strongly agree that HTML5  is usable for building apps and 68% that strongly agree that HTML5 is important for all devs who build apps.

Let's face it, HTML5 is big...and will only get bigger within the next few years.

With all the new devices coming out and more support given to non-Android/iOS platforms (refer to my previous blog on this year's World Mobile Congress),  HTML5 provides real solutions for addressing fragmentation issues. re-developing the same app over and over is just not efficient.

Apparently, total of 84% of devs agree with me as they plan to integrate HTML5 in some way to deal with platform issues. (70% for complete HTML5 adoption and 14% for partial)

Currently for mobile devices, 36% of HTML5 use are for for mobile web apps, while 32% are for hybrid.

Further details on the developers for the HTML5 use breakdown -- global enterprises have the highest rates of HTML5 use (36% for hybrid and 39% for pure HTML5 implementation), but these rates are, in general, high all across the board. 

It's obvious that if you are thinking of going global, you will want to stay away from one native app for each platform and just go with HTML5.

These statistics are quite clear-cut -- there's no mistaking that HTML5 is not just a hype that will come to pass. I'm not saying to "jump on the bandwagon," but the majority of devs see the real benefits of HTML5. There is a reason why everyone is making the shift, so why let yourself be left behind and do things the old fashioned, one app per platform way?