Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Website Renewal and DaVinci Suite Release!

Lots of exciting things happening with DaVinci!

Website Renewal

Our website renewal is finally complete and is now available in English, Japanese, and Korean.
Enjoy it's new high-tech look as well as more to download.

DaVinci Animator Release

DaVinci Suite is now complete with the Animator available for download (of course, for FREE). Use it to create rich media content in HTML5.
Designers with be right at home with the WYSIWYG layout editor and animation timeline.

  • Easily manage and reuse complicated property values that you frequently use. Find an abundant amount of convenient presets divided in Style, Typography, Effect, and Motion categories.
  • Need to process events, but not familiar with JavaScript coding? Event handling is a piece of cake with DaVinci’s powerful Visual Action Editor.
  • High level script developers will find the light-weight animation framework handy for detailed control.

DaVinci Studio ver2.0 Release

Try out the latest version of DaVinci Studio today by downloading it for FREE at our website.

Major changes include:

1) Eclipse IDE will automatically install with DaVnici, so you no longer need to download/install each separately. Just click and go!

2) Mac OS X support

3) Version 2.0 is even easier to use and is completely based on jQuery. That means no more going through the DaVinci framework to use jQuery functions – freely use jQuery tags and codes. But DaVinci will still offer all the additional functions you need that are not originally included in the jQuery framework. All functions will be added and found within the framework for a perfect package.

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