Monday, January 14, 2013

DaVinci Animator complete and to be released soon!

The Animator is finally up and running! It is undergoing final confirmation and will be ready in just a bit!

I just saw a demo done by one of our engineers today and it is quite similar to working with Flash, so anyone can dive into work right away.

It uses a timeline so you can easily add effects and create animation the way you want it.

What I thought was a really convenient feature, was when you want to change the graphic that you had been using for animation: for example, say you were working on something, but decide that the graphic needs to be would normally have to start work all over again, but with the Animator, just replace the graphic and all the settings will be applied to it!

There are tons of more features...and I'll post up a promo video once it's ready.

Have a great week!

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