Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why choose DaVinci over Sencha?

There are several HTML5 dev tools in the market: Adobe Edge is still in Beta, leaving Sencha as DaVinci's major competitor.

There are quite a few Sencha users out there, but it is not without it's flaws. Here is a quick look at how DaVinci manages to fill up the holes that Sencha has left with their tool.

Sencha Architect 2

 DaVinci Studio

Startup &

  • Requires much experience and skill in JavaScript, as it takes on a high-level JavaScript-oriented dev model
  • Difficult to integrate service environments, such as existing server scripts, etc. (front-end and backend need to be re-developed)

  • Utilizes standard web dev. models such as DOM/JavaScript/CSS and does NOT require specialist knowledge – basic dev. knowledge and experience is sufficient, which accommodates a wide range of developers
  • Projects can be easily integrated with server script services such as PHP, JSP, etc. 

3rd Party Library

  • Functions CANNOT be added to the solution and customizing to meet client needs cannot be done 
  • Meta format is used from the authoring stage and thus 3rd party libraries cannot be used

  • DaVinci is based on HTML5 from the first stage of development and offers a 100% HTML5 technology embraced open-architecture, which guarantees easy integration with 3rd party solutions

Media Query

  • Profiles are set according to each target device and users are provided with views designed to match these profiles
  • View changes according to device, but that also means that view structure is quite complicated

  • Media Query Editor helps devs optimize their UI/UX for various LDC sizes
  • Provides universal functions for responsive web design that actively responds to outside environments

To wrap it up, DaVinci Studio is not only an easy to use, WYSIWYG tool that lets you "drag and drop" components, reducing a lot of tedious coding, but it is abundant in functions AND allows you to freely add to it with it's 3rd party integration capabilities.

And another huge reason why DaVinci is worth it -- the SDK is free for download at our homepage and will remain free for a long time.