Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grocery shopping via mobile?

Nearly everyone with a smartphone has made purchases with it, some time or another.
Numbers are on the rise and will continue to rise as more retailers are taking advantage of sales occurring anytime, anyplace  24/7.

Here, we see that 35% of smartphone users in North America use their smartphones to make small payments, check out product bardcodes, and/or use coupon services. Asia leads the group with 43%.

When it comes to groceries, online purchases are not something new and quite a few people might have already tried it out.

But have you had the opportunity to try out grocery shopping on your mobile phone?

There are a lot of shoppers that integrate their mobiles while shopping at Safeway or Walgreens, such as using coupons or researching items. It has changed the way we shop today as a whole. But now some grocery stores actually allow you to shop in their virtual stores with your mobile phone and deliver your items to you.

When I first heard about this, it seemed quite "futuristic" to me, since buying a sweater on my smartphone seemed completely different from buying milk and bananas.

But once you start using it, you will keep going back!

Just order whatever you want, including meats and dairy products, select the time frame you want them to be delivered and click "order"....all while being at the park or somewhere else not in front of a PC.

For the store that I use, shipment is like $1...which is usually covered by some kind of deal only offered to online shoppers. And considering gas prices, it doesn't amount to much.

This is a huge help for me, especially when I need to buy jugs of water and heavy things.

Of course, I still like to go to the nearby market for my fruits and veggies -- I really want to pick the ones that look tastey and ripe. (Besides, once in awhile, they might send you slightly old veggies...)

And I like actually being in the store, scanning the isles to give me ideas for dinner.

But mobile commerce has made its way to nearly every part of our lives, even to parts that we would have never expected.

Online purchase/delivery services are not offered in all parts of the US, but it might not hurt to try it out if you happen to be in an area that does have it.



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    1. Thanks for the comment! I enjoy writing it. =)

  2. The role modern technology plays in our lives has now become so vague that people couldn’t stop but think of more ways on how they can use their mobile phones for their everyday living. And since it’s the age of fast and express, it’s not a real wonder that mobile commerce would emerge and people would start to use their phones to purchase even their groceries.

    Roger Melody

    1. Yes, I agree. It's a form of technology that nearly any type of business can benefit from as mobile phones is the only device that nearly everyone carries around with them at all times -- old, young, male, female. Which means that commerce is also connected with them (or has a chance to connect with them) that whole time.

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