Monday, January 28, 2013

Mobile apps challenging TV?

As we all know, app revenue is skyrocketing, leaving PCs in the dust.

People are spending more and more time on their phones...challenging TV to be the most time-consuming form of media today.

According to Venture Beat, the US accounts for 181 million smart devices (iOS/Android), China is next with 167 million, and 35 million in the United Kingdom.



Mobile app use in the US has reached an average of 127 minutes, while averages for TV amount to 168 minutes and 70 minutes for web browsing. In 2010, it was only 66 minutes for mobile apps!


Now, in one of our previous blogs, we mentioned that games account for 43% of users' time and that social networking apps account for 26%.

However, did you know that Facebook alone accounted for 88% of that social networking chunk?
That's a huge number, meaning that 23% of users' total time went solely to Facebook, driving it to become the number one app in the US for 2012.

Google came in with the next five popular apps with Google Maps, Play, Search, Gmail and YouTube.

The most popular apps to follow was Pandora Radio, iTunes, Cooliris, and Yahoo! Messenger.


  1. People can live without tv but without mobile apps and mobile??? Can't even imagine..

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    1. Thanks for commenting.
      Pretty crazy stuff, right? But it's getting there...I personally had gone 1 year without a TV, but would be lost without my iPhone for a day or two. lol

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